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Monday, January 08, 2007


Having finished the entire PD series I can now report that, while I wouldn't quite say, if you've read one, you've read 'em all, it's close. There's a hint, though, at the end of VIII, that things might change in the next one. I'm really dying to find out (well, not dying exactly, but...) whether she really will end up with the boyfriend she first falls for in v. I. I'm betting yes, but I'd prefer it to be no for my argument. Though, really, it's moot, since I'm going to finish the article before the next book comes out. (Cabot's fast, but she's not that fast: v. VIII just came out on the first.)

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  1. congrats!! and, hmm, this may be one reading selection of yours I won't be following... not sure I'm ready for the pink princess books... as much as, you know, you talked them up and everything...