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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Tired Eyes

As you can maybe tell from the viewing list over on the sidebar, I spent way too much of my travel time watching movies. It was nice to catch up--I'd long wanted to see Waitress, for example--and I needed something to do while I did some knitting--but mostly I was just brain dead and perfectly happy just to let things wash over me. I didn't even list the part-movies that I saw: something with Nicolas Cage foreseeing the future, and Hoax, with Richard Gere as Clifford Irving. Really it was all too much.

And I did very little reading on the trip. A couple of magazines, which are my usual airplane comfort fare. And I did manage to pick up Jasper Fforde's second Nursery Crimes book, The Fourth Bear, in the San Francisco airport--and to finish it before I left Chicago. I love Fforde. His zany sense of humor (competitive cucumber growing?) and vast store of what might usually seem irrelevant knowledge combine for hugely entertaining novels. I never quite know what's going on from moment to moment, but just trust that I'll get where he's going by the end. Perfect for travel.

I'm sure I'll have further updates from the trip, but I'm still feeling a little slow and disoriented, so it'll be a while.

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