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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mothering at Mid-Career

Another Tuesday, and now I'm blogging about this article: Does Academe Hinder Parenthood? (Hint: the consensus is that it does...). Check it out over at IHE.


  1. Wow! The list of comments on your entry is huge! You certainly have generated a lot of interesting conversation. While I do think academia is hostile, I also wonder about the factor that a high level of education plays in this. I know many folks in higher ed with only one or two children at most. In many cases this was a conscious decision related to the environment and population issues. I wonder how many in this survey have chosen to limit their childbearing for these reasons?

  2. Just to be clear, Tricia, all those comments are on Scott Jaschik's piece, not mine (yet)...

  3. Okay, now I feel like a dope. I did read your piece. You raise some interesting questions. I'm not sure I like the tone of the commenter who notes "Many of them are not faculty AT ALL. (Libby Gruner is.)" Della certainly is. And besides, isn't the point of the book and blog to talk about balancing family and work? Just because some of the authors chose not to remain in academia certainly doesn't make their input any less valid.