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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Got any suggestions for me?

One thing I get to do in my job is arrange for a big lecture by a children's or young adult author every other year. The first year of the lecture series, we were able to bring Lois Lowry to give a fabulous talk (March, 2005) to a large crowd. Last fall we had John Green while he was still in the middle of Brotherhood 2.0. Now I'm thinking about next fall. Whom would you ask? Leave me suggestions in the comments--we're looking for name recognition and a terrific speaker. (If you've heard them speak and can vouch for them that way, that's a plus...) We want someone who will speak about their work, the importance of children's literature, etc.--this is not a public reading, in other words, though we will set up a book signing and Q&A afterwards. Aim high--who's on your wish list?


  1. I'm thinking Jane Yolen would be terrific. I am impressed with her contributions to child_lit and think she is very thoughtful and smart.

    I'll keep thinking about this ...

  2. I would try to get Cory Doctorow. Every time I talk to young adults about YA lit, his book Little Brother comes up, and not enough of them have already read it. Plus I've read that he's an engaging speaker.

  3. The speakers at Children's Literature New England are truly incredible. I suggest going to their website ( to see who they've gotten in the past. If you can get her one of the most inspiring and thoughtful speakers I've ever hear there is Katherine Paterson. Brian Selznick and M. T. Anderson are also two really wonderful speakers I've heard at CLNE and elsewhere.

  4. Bruce Coville