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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Off-Duty Disney Princesses, the play

This post is from last February, but Roger Sutton just linked to it's a taste, but click the first link for the whole thing.

Snow White: Did you know Gaston was in rehab a few months ago? Sex addiction. But apparently he beat it.

Cinderella: What about the steroids?

Snow White: I hear he kicked those too. One of the busty blonde French serving wenches was in here the other day. She said he’s doing great—yoga, macrobiotic diet, a lot of charity work for Disney Characters Without Mothers. He’s a new man.

Cinderella: I admire that. I really do. (pause) Do you think they’re online? That organization you mentioned—

We missed the worst of the "Disney Princess" madness, thankfully--Mariah had to make do with the pretty little pony/centaurs from the original Fantasia, much of the time--but this still had me laughing out loud.

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