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Monday, March 12, 2007

Good News

I saw this somewhere else (maybe on the child-lit listserv?) and I am only just now getting around to reading it (busy week). It's nice to have independent confirmation that something is going on in YA literature; it's not just that I've discovered it now that I have a teenager (wait, now? She's 17...). It's that, really, there are a lot more good books out there. I don't remember reading YA as a teenager myself, other than the required boarding-school novels in high school, but the stuff I've been reading lately (much of it listed here, though there's obviously more I haven't read yet) is so interesting, so thought-provoking, so worthwhile; it makes me a little sad for my younger self that I didn't have these books to read then, but mostly grateful for my kids that they are available now.

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