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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Good night, mush

According to the Writer's Almanac, today is Margaret Wise Brown's birthday. Brown began her career as a children's book editor, and she seems to be best known both for her insistence on making books that kids actually could--and would--use: investing in high quality paper and bindings, using bright colors, etc.

Everyone remembers Goodnight Moon--or they should--but my favorite of her books may actually be Wait Till the Moon is Full, illustrated by Garth Williams. "Once upon a time in the dark of the moon there was a little raccoon," it begins, and it goes on to tell the story of a little raccoon who wants to go out at night but must wait...well, you can figure out why. It's a lovely quiet story, not quite as sleepy as Goodnight, Moon, but fun to read (and sing!) to little sleepy ones as well.


  1. Libby, do you know "The Little Fur Family?" ("warm as toast, smaller than most, and they lived in a warm wooden tree....")

    That's my fave.

  2. I don't, Ericka--I'll have to check it out!