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Friday, June 08, 2007

One down

I'm not going to blog every time I finish a book this weekend, but I thought I'd mark the first one. I nearly quit on Psyche in a Dress partway through. I wasn't sure I could take any more Francesca Lia Block being poetic about child abuse. (If you've read I was a Teenage Fairy you know what I mean.) This one's not just "poetic" but actually poetry: free verse retellings of Greek myths in Hollywood garb. Psyche becomes Echo becomes Eurydice becomes Persephone becomes Demeter--and in that circle of females it's not quite clear that our heroine can break out of the cycle of abuse, but maybe. I think I would have loved this when I was a teenager: it would have made me feel smart, and capable of handling "important" themes. It would have validated my desire to be more intense, more "deep," than I really was. But even Demeter makes me tired now--too much self-sacrifice, too much angst! Still, it gets better as it goes on. And, as promised, it's very short.

Next up: I haven't quite decided yet.

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