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Sunday, November 25, 2007


I took the week off from blogging so that we could travel to CT for Thanksgiving. (And, in all honesty, because my laptop died* the day before we left and I couldn't take it with me. Just as well, I suppose, since the connection at my parents' house was overtaxed with all the various laptops we had going. At one point there were four, and one desktop computer, all going at once. The connection was not happy.)

Now that I'm back I'm catching up on all sorts of things. So note, over in the sidebar, that the second Robert's Snow auction will be starting tomorrow. And also, that the Cybils nominations have closed. See that cool widget over in the sidebar? It is highlighting YA and fantasy/science fiction nominees. I'm on the fantasy/SF judging panel, so I'll have lots of fun reading in January when the finalists are announced. In the meantime, you can check out all the fantasy/SF nominees here.

*I still don't know the status of my laptop but I am trying not to let this worry me. No, I am not really good at backing up...


  1. Oh, Libby. That little sad line in small font just says it all. Tell everyone you know that you want a storage stick for the holidays.

    Sending good wishes your way.

  2. thanks, Kelly. I'm hopeful, because when I took the laptop in on Monday they could see the contents of the hard drive...and usually (my tech head bro-in-law tells me) that is a good sign. The awful thing is, I have a storage stick! (And it has some important stuff on it...just not all.)