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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Edge of the Forest

October's Edge of the Forest is up and as always there's all kinds of great stuff. I haven't gotten very far with it yet, but I've already bookmarked Pam Coughlan's piece about whether funny books can be taken seriously. (Do I especially love this because she gives John Green the last word in it? Why, yes!)

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  1. Thanks for the link-- good stuff!

    And a favor to ask... Soon I'll be in the US for a whole month, which means, among other things, access to libraries! I've added An Abundance of Katherines to my list, but I was wondering if you would take a minute or two to recommend some of your favorite YA books from the past couple of years. (Recs from your commenters would be most welcome, too!) Also, I have the vague recollection that you may have already posted a list like that on here-- if so, a link would be great.

    Sorry, I know you're busy, but I have to take advantage of this opportunity to browse! To check out books! To read without having to pay ridiculously high shipping fees!