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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Dreaming of Other Books

I'm doing a lot of required reading right now. All of it is good, but --as always when confronted with requirements-- I find myself day-dreaming about the non-required reading I could be doing. My current fantasy is that on my next sabbatical I will read all the novels of Terry Pratchett in sequence. (Of course, then, I would have to read them, and I would begin to resent the project. But never mind that right now.) In the meantime, here's someone else appreciating Pratchett:

Here is Pratchett describing a very grand piece of furniture: "Probably the last remaining tree of some rare, exotic species had been hewn to make the chairman's desk, which was an object of desire and big enough to bury people in." Very nice, with a touch of nastiness. And let us see if the same page where this appears contains another good one. Yes, near the bottom: Mr. Fusspots, an ugly lapdog, resembles "those goldfish with the huge bulging eyes that looked as though they were about to explode."

(Thanks to Jenny Davidson for the link.)

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