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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Doors around the world

I saw Tricia's doors today and had to join in; there are blogs all over the place with pictures of doors today. They're amazing! Check out the Marrakech doors, and these from Finland, and Frank Gardner's Mexican doors (scroll down for a great one advertising a service...). Sara Lewis Holmes at Read*Write*Believe contributes thoughts on doors, too. Mine are doors in Oxford, doors that made me realize how realistic Alice's Adventures are, in some ways. The beautiful garden door, for example, was locked all summer long while we were there--like Alice, we stood looking at the door, wishing we could get in. (We could not, however, shrink ourselves to fit.)

this is the gorgeous blue door of the house we lived in during our stay in Oxford.

I can't remember exactly where this door is; near the Oxford Museum, anyway.

this is the (locked) door to the garden at St. John's College, Oxford.

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