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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mole! (And Rat, and Badger, and Toad)

Somewhere in the world (or, more likely, on the internet) I'm sure there's a personality test featuring the characters of The Wind in the Willows, which was first published 100 years ago today. And, much as I would like to claim for myself one of the minor characters (maybe Portly, the baby otter? I love his name!), I have to confess I'm most like Mole--nearsighted, fascinated by adventure but most comfortable at home. I haven't quite achieved the level of misanthropy that Badger exhibits, though I sympathize with his crankiness, and I've never been as exuberant or as irresponsible as the Toad. (His antics are more delightful to read of than to experience, I'm sure.)

The Guardian celebrates the book's birthday today with a lovely brief piece, and a link to a longer, more disturbing one.

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  1. Oh, how appropriate; this is next on our bedtime reading list!
    We are finishing Charlotte's Web tonight; I couldn't read Charlotte's death last night without crying, and Ben (who has been reading ahead not-so-secretly after lights out) turned to the next chapter and said,"But look, Mama, look at all her babies? Doesn't that make you happier?" And it did.