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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Not at the MLA

I'm delighted not to be at the MLA convention this year. Though I love San Francisco, and the opportunity to catch up with old friends is one I'm sorry to miss, still I prefer spending Christmas and New Year's with my family, and without a convention in between them. Still, I'm glad Caroline is at the MLA and reporting on it for Inside Higher Ed--check out her insights here. (I'll be back blogging for IHE next week.)


  1. I'm glad not to be there, too. I've wondered for years what kind of embittered single person first scheduled the conference for that time of year, and why it's never been moved a week or two later. Two out of three colleges I've worked for don't begin the spring semester (or quarter) until after mid-January.

  2. Jeanne, the dates for the MLA convention are shifting to after New Year's, starting (I think) the convention after next. About time!